Frequently Asked Questions

Plaza Roberto Maestas is a Program of El Centro de la Raza

Where is Plaza Roberto Maestas?
Located on El Centro de la Raza’s property adjacent to the Beacon Hill Light Rail Station, Plaza Roberto Maestas is a 110-unit affordable housing development constructed of, 1, 2 and 3-bedroom apartments for households making between 30% – 60% of the area median income.

When will Plaza Roberto Maestas open?
Plaza Roberto Maestas is scheduled to be completed for move in starting June 2016.

Is there an e-mail/mailing list for more information?
Yes. Please call 206-957-4651 to be added to the interest list for up-coming dates and events or email:


When will applications be available?
Applications were made available on February 22, 2016. Due to the high volume of applications we have received, we are not currently accepting applications. However, if you would like to be added to our interest list please email or call 206-957-4651 with the following information:

Your Name(s)
Phone number
Alternative phone number
Email address

Where can I return the application?
You may return your application by mail to Quantum Management at PO Box 2170, Lynnwood, WA 98036. Each household member 18 and over will need to submit a separate screening application.

How is my application processed?
Quantum Management Services, Inc. will review the screening application for completeness and submit it to the screening company for processing. Once it has been determined that your household has passed the screening process, Quantum Management Services, Inc. will contact you to complete the income verification phase. The screening application will be required for all applicants 18 and older and will include credit, criminal and landlord reference checks.

If it is found during the screening process that your household is not qualified for Plaza Roberto Maestas, Quantum Management Services, Inc. will notify you in writing as soon as possible and indicate the reason for such denial. All denials may be appealed through the appeal process.

Applications will be accepted until the building is fully occupied. If management is unable to move forward with your application due to volume of applications received, you will be placed on the Plaza Roberto Maestas community interest list.

How big are the units?
Plaza Roberto Maestas includes 1, 2 and 3-bedroom apartments ranging in size from 460 square feet to 1,060 square feet.

Are there any accessible apartments available?
Yes. Plaza Roberto Maestas has units available for households that require the features of an accessible unit.

What are the income limits for the area?
The following income guidelines are set by HUD and released by the Washington State Housing Finance Commission for all residents, based on the 2015 limits for the Seattle metro area (and are subject to change annually). These limits reflect the current maximum amounts of household income for residents and are updated on an annual basis by HUD. If your household income exceeds these guidelines at initial occupancy, you will not be eligible for residency.

2015 Limits – subject to change annually:

1 Person 2 People 3 People 4 People 5 People 6 People 7 People
60% $37,680 $43,020 $48,420 $53,760 $58,080 $62,400 $66,720
50% $31,400 $35,850 $40,350 $44,800 $48,400 $52,000 $55,600
30% $18,840 $21,510 $24,210 $26,880 $29,040 $31,200 $33,360

What are the rents?
The rents for Plaza Roberto Maestas are set by HUD each year and are based on the 2015 data received:

2015 Limits – subject to change annually:

One Bedroom Two Bedroom Three Bedroom
60% $968 $1145 $1293
50% $800 $943 $1060
30% $464 $540 $594

What is the occupancy policy for Plaza Roberto Maestas?
Plaza Roberto Maestas’ Occupancy Policy allows for 2 persons per bedroom plus one or:

1-bedrooms = 3 household members
2-bedrooms = 5 household members
3-bedrooms = 7 household members

Important Note: All 3-bedrooms at Plaza Roberto Maestas must be occupied by a household with 4 or more members.

Are there application preferences?
To better meet the needs of community members and prospective residents, Plaza Roberto Maestas may give preference to applicants on its interest list. This means that applicants with preference have their applications considered before those that do not. Having preference affects the order in which your application is considered—it does not determine whether or not you will receive housing. All applicants have to meet income requirements, regardless of their preference status.

What kind of housing preferences?
All housing applicants must meet the stated income requirements. Income qualified applicants who are seniors and/or disabled and/or use the services or programs offered by El Centro de la Raza may potentially receive a preference, although this has yet to be determined.

Will there be a background check?
Yes – all applicants of Plaza Roberto Maestas will be screened for credit, criminal record, and landlord references. Please see our website in coming days for our Tenant Selection Criteria which will define each of these elements of the screening.

What if I or a family member has a criminal record?
Plaza Roberto Maestas will screen an applicant’s criminal history to help ensure that new tenants will not threaten the health, safety, or right to peaceful enjoyment of the premises by existing tenants. However, no applicant will be automatically barred from receiving housing because of his or her criminal background, except as mandated by federal law. A criminal record does not automatically mean you or a family member will be denied housing, you are welcomed and encouraged to apply.

I’m thinking of going back to school full-time, do I still qualify?
It depends. Due to its financing, Plaza Roberto Maestas has eligibility restrictions for full-time students at the time of initial occupancy and at any time during the household’s occupancy. A unit may be occupied by a full time student if at least one member of the household is not a full time student. Kindergarten through 12th grade students are considered full-time students.

Can I add a roommate after I move-in?
Additional persons may be added to the original household after the first (initial) 6-months of occupancy has been fulfilled, except for additions of minors through adoption or birth. Any persons requesting to be added to the household must go through the same process as the original household member which includes screening and income verification. If the new household member over qualifies the household according to the tax credit program, the applicant can be accepted as a household addition with the stipulation that they have to move out when the original tenant vacates.

What if I am married, but my spouse will not be residing with me in the unit?
Unless the separation is verified, your spouse’s income (if any) will be included in the calculation of your household income.

What if I have a spouse or fiancé who I anticipate to be residing with me after I move-in?
You must disclose this information to us at the time of your application, and we will verify your spouse or fiancé’s income.

Do I need a Social Security number to apply?
No, a Social Security number is not required. If you have never been issued a Social Security card or do not wish to disclose your Social Security number, you may still apply and be accepted if you are income eligible, as long as you provide another acceptable form of identification.

What are acceptable forms of Identification?
Photo Identification including but not limited to: Federally issued identification documents, ITIN, Driver’s License, State Identification Cards, foreign passport and photo identification.

Can I conduct business from my unit?
No, however certain types of business will be allowed in only two of the 110 available units. On the application there will be an opportunity to indicate if you are interested in one of these live/work units.

What sources of income will be considered?
In addition to employment income, all other sources of income must be included for all household members over the age of 17 including but not limited to: Social security benefits, disability payments, self-employment income, child support, pensions/annuities, interest income, and real estate rental income.

What if my income source is unverifiable because I receive payment in cash?
We must be able to verify all sources of income according to the Tax Credit program requirements, and will request verification from your employer for the cash amount. If we are unable to verify the income through your employer we will attempt to verify through other means.

Is Plaza Roberto Maestas a Smoke-Free Community?
Yes – Plaza Roberto Maestas offers all residents a smoke-free living experience.

May I have a pet?
Yes, one pet is allowed in each unit at Plaza Roberto Maestas upon signing a pet agreement and paying the required pet deposit.

Is there on-site parking?
A parking facility is scheduled to be completed on the north campus lot of El Centro de la Raza by 1st quarter 2017. When completed this structure will provide 70 parking spaces to residents of Plaza Roberto Maestas. We will ask residents to indicate their interest in a parking space during the lease-up process; if supply is more limited than the demand, there will a lottery for the 70 available spaces and/or a small monthly parking fee will be charged. Plaza Roberto Maestas is conveniently located next to the Beacon Hill light rail station and an active transit line along Beacon Avenue. There is also limited street parking which is accessible with the purchase of a RPZ pass, and ample bike storage available on-site.

Are there on-site laundry facilities?
Yes – laundry facilities are available on every floor within the building for resident’s use.

What are the property amenities?
Plaza Roberto Maestas offers all residents:
• Community rooms
• Landscaped deck with playground/Private roof deck
• Secured access entry
• Elevator in each building/Ample bike storage on-site
• Community Room with kitchen
• Unit features: vinyl plank flooring, double sinks, dishwasher, LED lighting, and stunning views
• Public area Wi-Fi
• Access to El Centro’s Educational and Human Services including ESL, Food Bank, Children, Youth and Senior Programs
• Access to the onsite Child Care/Child Development for qualified families