Economic Opportunities

The Plaza Benefit: Job Creation. Plaza Roberto Maestas will help reduce unemployment by creating jobs during development.

  • 40 permanent jobs
  • 150 construction-related jobs

The Plaza Benefit: Support for Micro-Businesses and Entrepreneurs. Beacon Hill has identified a need for more retail businesses. Many El Centro program participants express an entrepreneurial spirit, but face barriers that hinder business success.

Plaza Roberto Maestas will support aspiring entrepreneurs and their budding businesses.

  • Six to eight micro-retail vendor carts at affordable rental rates will provide micro-business opportunities.
  • Up to five indoor retail spaces (3,200 square feet) will be geared toward the small business owner.
  • El Centro’s Business Opportunity Center (to open in 2015) will provide business management support.

The Plaza Benefit: Neighborhood Economic Revitalization. Sightline Institute, an independent, non-profit research and communications center, estimates residents of Plaza Roberto Maestas will spend $3.98 million per year. This spending will help revitalize the local economy, and support the success of local small businesses.