Community Spaces

dancersThe Plaza Benefit: Multicultural Community Center. The Plaza’s 6,000-square-foot multicultural community center will address a lack of adequate community spaces for both Beacon Hill and El Centro.

  • Will meet the Beacon Hill need for a Town Center and public gathering spaces, and be available to organizations throughout the state.
  • Will expand El Centro’s existing building function as host to non-profits, government agencies, business organizations, and community groups across the state for meetings, events and classes.

The Plaza Benefit: Seattle’s First Latino-Inspired Plaza. Plaza Roberto Maestas will be home to the first Latino plaza in Seattle.

  • Will honor Latino cultural heritage, multiracial unity and the diverse communities The Plaza serves, through design and art.
  • The 12,900-square-foot plaza will fill the need for public gathering spaces for the Beacon Hill and El Centro communities.
  • The design features a staple of many Latin American countries, a central plaza that will serve as a hub for community gatherings, festivals, and cultural celebrations.