Art 1 stoke

Plaza Roberto Maestas will become a cultural hub for a diverse community. The integration of artwork that honors Latino heritage and the communities that contributed to the civil rights struggle is central to our goal of building multi-cultural unity.

Bas-relief sculpting, colorful mosaics, stained concrete, murals depicting the history of the struggle, and a central monument dedicated to our founder and founding members will, together, create a welcoming atmosphere full of inspiration and wonder. Drawing from the traditional styles of Latino art and modern artistic innovation at the same time, the artwork will connect the past to the present, and speak to our vision for the future.

We are bringing a Basque artist, Casto Solano, and a team from Tucson, Arizona, Alex Garza and Gonzalo Espinosa, together to engage the community in creating collaborative art.

Casto Solano’s design for the memorial sculpture is inspired by a Native American legend: four 24-foot high curving tubular steel columns will support figural “clouds” in translucent panels. Within the space created by this structure will be a life-size bronze of Roberto Maestas.

The Garza/Espinosa team will create mosaic tile and terracotta relief inserts, three large-scale wall mosaics and mosaic tile on eight columns.

Browse through these image galleries to see some of the wonderful work our artist teams have completed in the past, and their concept proposals for Plaza Roberto Maestas!