Affordable Housing

seniorsPlaza Roberto Maestas was planned as a solution to a Seattle-wide need for affordable housing that’s driven many families to live further away from the city center, which means commuting is more difficult and expensive for those most in need.

El Centro de la Raza assisted nearly 600 families with problems due to a lack of affordable housing in the city, and who had to be located in South King County, which meant most had to travel long distances to jobs in Seattle. There is also a wait-list of 110-plus individuals for a 14-unit apartment building El Centro owns.

The Plaza Benefit: Affordable Housing Close to Jobs and Services. The Plaza will offer 112 units of one-to-three bedroom rental housing at rates that are affordable for working families of four earning 30 to 60 percent of area median income ($24,000-49,000/year). This means low-income workers will be able to live close to jobs and close to El Centro’s extensive social service programs.

The Plaza Benefit: Transit-Oriented Development for Access to Jobs and Education. Uniquely situated just north of the Beacon Hill Link Light Rail Station, Plaza residents will have easy access to transportation and to employment and educational opportunities in downtown Seattle.

The Plaza Benefit: Sustainable Development for Healthy Environment and Low Utility Bills. Housing will be built to Evergreen Sustainable Development Standards, so residents will benefit from healthy living environments and low utility bills.