Visiting Seattle & Why You Need to Go

For the exciting, pleasant and exquisite trip, you can search for various options on the internet. But if you want to know about my top of the list destination for a wholesome experience, then I would definitely suggest a visit to Seattle, Pacific Northwest US.

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Now let’s get to all the wonderful reasons as to why you should visit Seattle, Washington.

6. Spectacular Sceneries

Seattle is a complete package if you love nature. It resides beautiful landscape, spectacular mountains, stunning rainforest, magnificent beaches, desert, fabulous farmlands and volcanos. This is the best place to explore and amazes you at every glance. The beautiful skyscraper buildings enhance the glory of Seattle.

5. Festivals

For a lively and high-spirited person, the city of Seattle is the best destination for vacation. It has lush nightlife, entertainment opportunities and is a heaven for fun lovers. It hosts more than 100 festivals annually and always welcomes visitors and residents with open arms. The magical place is a home of large high tech industry and houses Amazon headquarter.

4. Great Art Pieces

The place is a hub of art, having 200 art galleries, numerous art museums and wonderful architecture. Seattle is famous for its film festivals and music legends. Several music genres are originated from this amazing city.  

3. Wildlife and Animal Shows

Seattle has outstanding Woodland Park Zoo and Aquarium which support the conservation of aquatic and terrestrial life. The city invests plenty of budget and resources for the sustainability of wildlife and ecosystem. The San Jan Island (Orcas Island) is a famous place to spot beautiful whales. Do not miss the ferry ride on the Puget Sound to watch spectacular aquatic life. The Mt. Ranier National Park is a few miles away from Seattle. You can visit here for the exploration of flora and fauna.

2. Delicious Seafood

One of the most tempting reasons that fascinate the tourists to visit the Seattle is its scrumptious seafood food and cuisines. On beaches or coats, you can enjoy fresh oysters, tuna and Salmons.

1. Breathtaking Islands

Breathtaking views of Seattle are worth mentioning due to its beauty and scenic moments. The city is surrounded by water and offers a joyous trip on Washington State Ferries to its visitors. You can easily visit the Olympic Peninsula and Bainbridge Island for life-changing views.